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Ride with the Gods Day 17 & 18

Day 17 & 18 Mount Olympus

Day 17 and 18 of our Cycle with the Gods tour in Greece have flown by. Yesterday, was our 13th ride and much of the group successful summited Mt. Olympus. It was a cloudy and cool day and the views were not the best but we tackled the ascent and enjoyed a wonderful downhill back to town (with a small climb up the cobblestones to our hotel). I was so happy that I had a successful ascent and did not require a nap after my ride! Best of all my legs are not sore today. I am a bit fatigued but overall so pleased that my recovery allowed for the special ride up Mt. Olympus!

Today, Day 18, we packed our bikes in the morning, readying for our departure tomorrow morning to either Athens or Thessaloniki. It was a relief to get the bike back in the box (thanks to the nimble hands of our guide Paul who helped me loosen connections). I am hoping that my dirty cycling kits in the bike box provide a deterrent to them moving the bike around too much!

With the bikes packed many of us walked into the gorge that follows the Enipeas River which originates near Prionia up on Mt. Olympus. The gorge is less than a mile walk from town and offered spectacular views of Olympus and waterfalls. We could even see a bit of the road we cycled yesterday. The geology is stunning and the clear skies today were a treat!

Tonight we have a final group dinner before our departures tomorrow. We have had an amazing trip, cycling the coast, swimming in the sea, visiting archeological sites and small villages, and climbing the mountains. I definitely want to return to Greece! Tomorrow on to Thessaloniki!

Special thanks are due to Steven, who organized an incredible tour, Paul and Trish who offered support on the road and with our bikes, and most especially to Deborah and Ron for the leadership and vision for this tour!

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