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Ride With The Gods - Day 4

Day 4 Galaxidi - Nafpaktos

On our 4th day of the “Ride with the Gods” cycling tour in Greece (our third day on the bike) we rolled out at 8:30 a.m. as we knew the afternoon temperatures would be in the 90s. All of us were hoping to avoid the main heat of the day!

We left Galaxidi at the port and climbed up to the coastal road, which we followed for more than 65 km  (40 miles) into Nafpaktos along the Gulf of Corinth. Across the water we could see the Peloponnese where many in the group cycled last year. The road was quite well paved with a good shoulder. The rollers were reminiscent or riding the coastal road in Northern California into Santa Cruz and Big Sur.

We took a break at 42 km (26 miles) at a seafront cafe. It was a welcome respite as we watched people and schools of fish swimming in the bay. As the temperatures rose we hopped back on our bikes for the final 26 km (16 miles) into Nafpaktos. Overall it was a lovely ride with a total of 68 km (42.5 miles) and just over 700 m (nearly 2300’) of climbing.

After some lunch several people went swimming and others rested or walked to see the Venician castle. The castle dates back to the Venetian conquest of this area in the 15th century. However there were other ancient fortifications built in this strategic port dating back to the 5th century BCE. Additionally this was a major port during the Peloponnesian wars. I walked with a few others towards the port and we made our way part way up the hill to take photos. However given our long ride tomorrow (over 100K)  we decided NOT to climb anymore steep roads or stairs! Luckily temps tomorrow will be a bit cooler which will help with the long ride! Luckily we will be having dinner at the port so I am hopeful I can capture some more photos.

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