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Ride With The Gods Day 9

Day 9 -Parga - Sivota

Today, Day 9 of our bicycle tour “Ride with the Gods” in Greece, was our final day on the coast. We had a relatively short ride from Parga to Syvota, another lovely coastal town. Given the short ride today we didn’t have to rush from the hotel, though with temps rising quickly we all were on the road a bit after 10 a.m.

Though the ride was only 26 km it was a tough start as we began the first climb as we rolled from the hotel. We continued uphill for more than 6.5 km (4 miles) with nearly 2/3 of it between 10 and 14% grade. It was tough going on cold legs as we climbed though the mountains and then back out to the coast. We could see the Ali Pasha castle in the distance on the hilltop but given the steep incline i decided not to stop and take a photo! We rolled up and down with screaming descent before the final climb which then brought us a stunning view of the water. With the blue skies and light winds it was the perfect day. We finished our ride with 26 km (16.6 mi) and just under 500 m of climbing (1614’)

The beaches in the last several kilometers were so inviting but most of us headed to town changed, and then headed to the beach for a final swim before we head off to the mountains tomorrow. The sea was cool but refreshing. We snagged some lounges at “Club Palm Beach” enjoyed a swim and some lunch (Greek Salad of course!) and resting on the beach.  I could only stay in the water for a short time as something kept biting my shin! We saw quite a few fish and some crabs. after the third time I got out for a bit. The second time in the water The fish left me alone. But with laundry to take care of it was time to return to the hotel. This was a wonderfully relaxing day!!

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